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GRID 2 Racing Wheel Controller PS3 / PC

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GRID2 Race-Star

Real pilots need real controls. If a full size steering wheel and pedal set could be “shrinked” to handy, comfortable and fun size, the GRID2 Racing Cotroller would be the result. Small but still precise and a real challenge, the cost-benefit relation of the GRID2 Racing Controller can only be topped by its fun factor. At the cost of only a regular “game pad”, GRID2 Racing Controller adds real racing action and satisfaction to your PC or PS3™.

GRID2 Racing Wheel Controller


  • PS3 and PC 2,4 GHz wireless Controller
  • vibration-feedback
  • One controller for both systems (PS3™, PC)
  • Home button for the PS3™
  • 8 digital function buttons
  • auto-centering analog Miniwheel
  • 120° rotation angle
  • Compatible with all PS3™ or PC racing games.


GRID2 Racing Wheel Controller